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Neodontics, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty non precious dental alloys worldwide. We have been committed to serving and providing reliable and high quality dental alloys for dental laboratories and suppliers since 1988. All of our product development and research takes place at our own in house manufacturing lab facility in Sun Valley, California. In creating your alloy, our metallurgists take every precautionary measure possible to maintain the highest purity, quality, and consistency, thus realizing a far superior alloy to most others in the industry. All of our alloys are formulated and manufactured on premises with 99.99% pure raw materials. Neodontics, Inc. products are FDA approved.

Neodontics, Inc. also specializes in additional research and in designing customized formulas that can be compatible to new types of porcelain introduced into the market. By balancing our formula to match the exact co-efficiency of thermal expansion for the porcelain you are using, and by eliminating all of the impurities found in many of the lesser priced base alloys, you now have an alloy that allows you to attain your full potential. Our Neocast series of alloys, and other newly developing alloys (containing high levels of Titanium) make it easy to work with and are cost efficient as well.

Once again, thank you for your interest in Neodontics, Inc. We look forward to a long standing business relationship with you.

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