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Apr 18
Beware of Counterfits
At Neodontics Inc., our first responsibility is to the patients, healthcare professionals, and all those who use our products. Counterfeit medical devices have become more prevalent in recent years, posing a real and potentially serious threat to public health. They most typically have been coming from China and Hong Kong markets. On those occasions when Neodontics, Inc receives and confirms reports about the existence of counterfeit product in a specific market, information is distributed to potentially impacted customers and posted on this website for reference purposes.
You may typically identify counterfeited Neodontics, Inc. alloys if they have the "Neo" prefix to their company´s or products´ names, or if they have identical product names and/or labels of Neodontics, Inc. products such as ´Neocast C or V´ or ´Nicromed´, ´Neotitan´, ´Cobalfex´, and ´Zaire´. They´re usually displayed in Asian based websites and in the Asian markets.
Counterfeit product is fake product not made by Neodontics Inc. Use of counterfeit product could result in a threat to patient safety and health. Because Neodontics Inc. did not manufacture them, we cannot confirm the performance, mechanical properties, biocompatibility or sterility of these products. For examples of company websites with known counterfeit products, you may view some of the links from the list below. If you suspect that you have counterfeit product, we advise that you immediately discontinue its use and notify your Neodontics Inc. contact, authorized distributor, or sales representative. Learn more about what Neodontics Inc. is doing to address the threat of counterfeiting.
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